Welcome!  We are Old Road Farm in Duncan  BC.   We’re are a mixed farm – raising Icelandic sheep and chickens, and growing lots of vegetables, berries and tree fruits.  We are always trying new things and get easily enticed (sidetracked?) by interesting new plants or fruit trees. Having a woodlot, we sell a lot of Christmas trees and foliage.

This past year we built a new 22 x 8 foot greenhouse.  We’ll add a photo of it soon.

We speak English, French, Spanish, and a bit of  Greek . Lots of humor here revolves around languages and words.

Family and friends often show up, and help out with whatever is going on.

Music happens here quite often, playing amongst ourselves or with friends. Harry gives fiddle lessons – mostly on the fiddling side of things, but some classical and ‘world’ music as well.