Challenges to Farming

Things aren’t always rosy operating a farm.  Challenges, not in any order include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Hot summers and long periods of drought
  • Critter Crisis – various animals or organisms can damage or impact crops and livestock: deer, raccoons, rabbits, rodents, bears, cougar, dogs, birds, weeds, aphids.
  • Sheep have died from getting their horns getting tangled in fencing, as well as from predators like cougar, bear, and dogs.
  • Higher interest rates – means higher mortgage payments
  • Water: We have water, but still need to monitor use.
  • Rising cost of living: impacts livestock feed, building supplies, fencing.
  • Keeping on top of everything!  – monitoring crops, weeding, preparing new garden beds, running a household, and keeping things reasonably neat and tidy.
  • They say there is always something to do on a farm. It’s actually: There is always something you HAVE to do on a farm, and if you don’t do it, bad things may happen!