Christmas Trees and Foliage

We grow two kinds of Christmas trees: Noble Fir and Douglas-fir.  Noble Fir have lovely dark greeny-blue needles, great needle retention after cutting (needles stay on the tree a long time), good conifer aroma, and symmetrical shape.  Douglas-fir has lighter green needles, great conifer odour, overall branch density less than Noble fir, and is less expensive.  Current prices (2022) are $50 for Noble fir and $30 for Douglas-fir. We also sell Grand Fir Christmas Trees, popular for their citrus-like smell.

One thing we’ve been recently trying out with our Christmas Trees is ‘Stump Culture’. Simply put, when we cut the tree, we leave a few live branches at the base of the tree, and the following year a ‘leader’ will start growing which will become a new tree on the living stump.  We actually haven’t harvested a new tree by this method yet, but it looks promising, with a few trees now a couple years old. Most people like this idea because the tree lives on.

We also sell seasonal foliage to wreath and swag and decoration makers.  These include Western White Pine boughs – long, slender, flexible, blue-green needles with great smell – and other things like red huckleberry, evergreen blueberry, salal, hemlock and cedar branches, pussy willows and other items from our forestry woodlot.