Art dreams

Charlotte is a bilingual professional artist and writer, and has been published in Maisonneuve Magazine, Le Bosquet, enRoute Magazine(Air Canada), Metatron Press and others in Quebec.   She does freelance work including:

  • Botanical illustrations
  • Custom illustrations
  • Graphic design, such as logos – including our farm logo (below)

She works with the Adobe Suite:Photoshop, inDesign, and Illlustrator.  Some of her images can be viewed at:

Enchanted with the natural world, the jobs Charlotte loves the most always take her back to the outdoors. Her botanical illustrations are a study of how plants interact with our collective imagination, while also showing how even local varieties are bestowed with exotic beauty.

Ses illustrations botaniques sont une étude du mouvement et des distinctes impressions que les plantes peuvent laisser sur l’imaginaire humain. Un intérêt spécial pour les variétés locales marque ses oeuvres, tentant d’exposer ces espèces si familières dotées d’une beauté parfois exotique. 

With a background in journalism and communications, and experience in print and digital publishing, she values working on projects that are diverse and that offer the opportunity to merge social activism and environmental justice with the arts.

Available for illustrating books, cards, posters and flyers; painting indoor spaces and murals; creative consulting for print and web; and going for coffee.

Avec une formation en journalisme et communication, et plusieurs années d’expérience en édition numérique et imprimée, elle est disponible pour illustrer des livres, pour des contrats de design et pour prendre un café.